Hey you, Latinas want their bodies back!!

The other day I was speaking to an acquaintance and he said something to me that kind of perplexed me. He said that Latin women are not known for their bodies. That they are not known for their curves. I almost fell back in my chair. I have never heard of such a thing. I grew up under the “stereotype” that Latina’s are exotic, erotic, curvy, seductive, bombshells. Yes in my household and many of my friends household being curvy was celebrated, eating lots of food, learning how to dance, primp and groom all these things were encouraged. Yes going to school and getting a solid education and a good job were too but we are not discussing that in this article. We are discussing the very essence of a latin woman. More importantly I’m educating this foolish man.

You see Latin women are well known throughout the globe for their curves. Yes curves. Small waists, round bottoms, great legs. El cuerpo como una botella de coca cola, o una guitarra. Yes a bodies like guitar which by the way was invented in spain 🙂 the mother land of all latinos. So if you think that Kim Kardashian is the woman that invented curves or is a solid representation of what a curvy woman should look like, you need to take her back to where ever you got her from and ask for a refund.

Because Latina’s have been curvy for centuries a la natural no waist trainers or butt injections necessary…..

Check below for legendary Latina’s, who have curves, charisma and personality for days


Iris Chacon
Iris Chacon Dancing

selena_quintanilla_body_dancingselena_quintanilla_body_dancing 2

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